Exhibitor Info
for the U.P. Builders Show

General Information

MARCH 6-8, 2020

This information is very important for your success at the Show. Please read thoroughly.

• Friday, March 6, 5-9 pm
• Saturday, March 7, 10 am-8 pm
• Sunday, March 8, 11 am-4 pm

Thursday, 10-8 pm • Friday, 8 am-5 pm

Sunday, 4-10 pm • Monday, 7-11 am

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Product demonstrations by exhibitors are highly encouraged! Demonstrations will be advertised in the local newspaper, listed on the scoreboard at the Superior Dome, and announced over the loudspeaker. The times and content of these demonstrations are up to the exhibitors, upon approval of the U.P. Builders Show Committee. Exhibitors can sell merchandise in their booth which relates to their display. Free raffles are permitted, but only chosen charities can have cash raffles.

All vendors have access to the Hospitality Room on the fourth-floor media deck during show hours, where they can take a break and enjoy bottled water, coffee, pop, donuts, and fruit. There is also be a Pizza & Beer Party in the middle of the dome after the show ends on Friday night. It is a great networking event for vendors.

Thank you Wandels’ WaterCare for donating water for the Exhibitor Hospitality Room!

There are four Top Booth Awards: Single, Double, Multiple & New Vendor. From those winners, a Best of Show booth will be awarded. The Best of Show booth winner will receive a free booth in next year’s show. All Top Booths will have an opportunity to talk to the press about their business and booth and will be featured on the U.P. Builders Show Booth Awards website page and in social media. Each will receive a plaque to display in their booth all weekend and at their place of business after the show. Start planning early to win!

Booth space may not be sub-let in any way. Only one exhibitor per 12’ x 12’ booth. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the NMU Superior Dome. No helium balloons. No smoking. As stated in the contract, any damage done by the exhibitor to the dome is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Please do not park in the main lots. They are reserved for your potential customers attending the show. Exhibitor parking is in the East Parking Lot, off Pine Street, where exhibitors enter during booth set-up. Workers before the show do not need passes, but no one will be admitted through the east doors without an exhibitor pass after the show opens. Trailers and vans must be parked in the back row of the east parking lot during the show.

Exhibitors must enter the dome from the east side during set-up as the other doors will be locked until the show opens. A registration table will be inside the east end overhead door. Exhibitors can check-in there and pick up table skirts, plastic name tag covers, and their passes (if they are being held at the door). In order to check-in, these items must be on file: the signed contract, your current insurance certificate, and a copy of your Builders License, if applicable. The booths must also be paid for in full. No exceptions.

All tables, chairs, and drapes will be in the booths when exhibitors arrive. After checking in, and once they are authorized by U.P. Builders Show personnel, exhibitors may bring in their displays in one of three ways:

  1. If you do not need to drive a vehicle inside the dome to unload, you may bring in your exhibits using the carts and dollies available near the overhead door.
  2. If you need to drive a vehicle into the dome, please unload your vehicle quickly, then park it in the east end lot while setting up booth(s). This will help keep the traffic aisle in the dome clear. Please see the proper procedure for driving in the dome on the next page.
  3. Unloading may be done by semi at the loading dock on the dome’s north end. During set-up, expect delays to happen. Please arrive in plenty of time to set up your booths. Every exhibitor must be set up and ready for the opening of the show at 5 pm on Friday.

No children are permitted at set-up or tear down. This is a construction site and very dangerous for children. If you bring your children to the set-up or tear down and they suffer any injury, the U.P. Builders Show, sponsoring organizations, and NMU Superior Dome will not be held liable. By attending the 2020 U.P. Builders Show exhibitors agree to these terms.

All vehicles must drive on the asphalt portion of the NMU Superior Dome floor (the edge of the dome). Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed to drive on the center portion of the dome’s floor unless they are escorted by NMU staff; otherwise only forklifts, carts, and dollies are allowed. Under union rules, only NMU forklifts and drivers may be used. If you need help or have questions, ask the Builder’s Show personnel at the registration table. All vehicles MUST be removed from the dome by 3 pm on Friday for floor cleanup.

There are strict rules to prevent damage to the floor of the Superior Dome – any damage done by the exhibitor to the dome is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Vehicles used in exhibits must have batteries disconnected and less than 10 gallons of fuel in the tank. Fuel tanks must be sealed in a manner which prevents the escape of fuel vapors. Plastic sheeting is required under the engine and transmission areas, and ¼ inch plywood is required under the tires. Tire pressure should not exceed 30 psi and no Armor-All substances may be used to clean tires. The turning of the wheels should only be done slowly and while the vehicle is in motion. The overall weight of the vehicle may not exceed 2 tons, and individual axle load may not exceed 2,000 pounds. Vehicles cannot be moved during the show. Vehicle control will be coordinated by NMU.

Teardown will be coordinated by NMU Public Safety and Builders Show personnel. You will be contacted on Sunday to assess your teardown needs. Please do not begin teardown until 4 pm. If you begin to dismantle your booth early, you may be assessed a fine that must be paid in order to participate in next year’s show.

If you do not need to drive a vehicle inside the dome, you may use any exit doors to leave with your exhibit. Please dismantle first, if you need a vehicle in the dome to remove your display. For loading dock pickup, all displays must be moved to the loading dock area. All tables, chairs, and drapes can be left in your booth for NMU to collect. Clean-up of individual booth space is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Please leave your exhibit space as clean as you found it. Kindly remove the numbers and tape from the floor.

All exhibits must be removed from the dome by 11 am on Monday as classes resume at noon. Fines will be assessed by NMU if this rule is not followed. Outdoor vehicles or exhibits parked on display at the south entrance must also be removed by 11 am Monday. If necessary, hauling trailers may remain in the parking lots until later Monday. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, your display cannot be removed by the specified time, please alert the Builders Show personnel or NMU staff, so additional arrangements can be made.


Jennifer Lammi
Executive Director
Marquette Builders Exchange

Sarah Schultz
Executive Officer
Home Builders Association of the U.P.

Address: U.P. Builders Show, c/o Marquette Builders Exchange, 1229 W Washington St, Ste 3 Marquette, MI, 49855

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